OPTIC Introductory Webinar

This recorded webinar provides an introduction to the Online Platform for Teaching and Informed Calibration (OPTIC), a professional learning platform that allows educators to calibrate on effective teaching and high-quality feedback to educators.

OPTIC Intro Webinar

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Facilitator’s Guide: Using OPTIC to Strengthen Understandings of Culturally Responsive Teaching

This facilitator’s guide allows educators to plan and participate in professional development training in which they use OPTIC to collaboratively assess instruction through a culturally responsive lens. Educators then compare their perceptions to benchmark scores from the OPTIC Content Fellows, a group of MA educators and educator preparation faculty with expertise in subject matter content and culturally responsive teaching.

Culturally Responsive Look-Fors for OPTIC Focus Elements

This resource lists observable, culturally responsive teacher and student actions, or look-fors, for OPTIC focus elements from the Classroom Teacher Model Rubric.

How To: Use OPTIC to Study Local Samples of Student Writing

This how-to guide supports educators to collaboratively study student writing in relation to grade-specific learning standards.

How To: Use OPTIC to Calibrate Around Effective, Standards-Aligned Instruction and High-Quality Feedback

This how-to guide supports groups of educators using OPTIC to facilitate ongoing, collaborative conversations about perceptions of effective, standards-aligned teaching practice and high-quality feedback.

How To: Use OPTIC for Virtual Coaching

This how-to guide supports teachers and teacher candidates using OPTIC to receive feedback on a recording of their teaching practice.

Creating Mixed-Reality Gateway Tasks User’s Guide

This guide supports educator preparation providers and pre-practicum candidates to create mixed-reality gateway tasks using OPTIC.

Creating a Calibration Task User’s Guide

This guide supports users to upload files and create calibration tasks using OPTIC.

Student Writing Sample Workshop Facilitator’s Guide

This guide supports facilitators to plan and deliver an OPTIC Student Writing Sample workshop.

OPTIC Video Library Searching Tool

Use this Search Tool to find video tasks associated with specific elements of practice, grade level(s), and subject(s).

Calibration Training Workshop Facilitator’s Guide

This guide supports facilitators to plan and deliver Hybrid Training using OPTIC.  In this workshop, participants complete a calibration task as pre-work and then convene as a group to discuss results.

TeachForward Administrator Guide

The following guide provides step-by-step instructions for district and EPP administrators to create groups and invite participants, search and assign calibration tasks, score calibration tasks (optional), and view results to facilitate discussions with participants.

TeachForward Participant Guide

The following user guide provides step-by-step instructions for using the TeachForward platform to support the viewing and scoring of calibration tasks and viewing results as part of the MA Calibration System. This guide is written for participants who have been invited by their administrators to engage in group discussions around specific calibration tasks that have been assigned to them.

Focus Elements from Classroom Teacher Rubric

This document describes the focus elements currently included in OPTIC.  These elements of the Model Classroom Teacher Rubric were selected because they represent highly observable practices and also include the CAP Essential Elements required of teacher candidates.

TeachForward Technical Requirements - Browser Support

This document describes the minimum hardware requirements and supported browsers for using OPTIC on a Windows or MacOS operating system.  If you have any questions, please contact our support team at

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Need More Help

Have a question for the help desk?  Click TeachForward Support Team to contact them directly via email.