May 6, 2021

NEW: Culturally Responsive Teaching Collection added to OPTIC!

Educators can now use the OPTIC Culturally Responsive Teaching Collection to build their understanding of culturally responsive teaching: instruction and pedagogy focused on promoting students’ academic achievement, demonstrating cultural competence, and fostering students’ sociopolitical awareness. These resources reflect the contributions of the 2021 OPTIC Content Fellows, a group of MA educators and educator preparation faculty with expertise in subject matter content and culturally responsive teaching.

The Culturally Responsive Look-Fors resource lists observable, culturally responsive teacher and student actions, or look-fors, for OPTIC focus elements, while the Facilitator’s Guide allows educators to plan and participate in professional development trainings in which they watch a brief video of classroom instruction on OPTIC and collaboratively assess instruction through a culturally responsive lens. Download them today to get started!