The Team

OPTIC was developed to allow evaluators and observers to cultivate a shared understanding of standards-aligned instruction and high quality feedback aligned to the Standards of Effective Teaching Practice. The state has developed a rigorous process to support the tagging of evidence and scoring of teaching artifacts to determine how well aligned evaluators and observers are in their perceptions of instructional practice.

OPTIC Partners

MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (MA DESE)

OPTIC and all related resources are part of the Office of Educator Effectiveness within the Center for Instructional Support at the MA Department of Elementary & Secondary Education. The Office of Educator Effectiveness promotes and supports educators' ongoing professional learning and growth in the larger effort to ensure that all students have equitable access to an excellent education. By establishing a shared understanding of rigorous, standards-aligned instruction and high quality feedback, school districts and preparation providers can support all educators to meet the diverse learning needs of our students.


TeachForward is an innovative educational software company with a focus on analyzing practice to improve teaching.  From aligning instructional expectations to virtual coaching to certification, TeachForward enables educators to engage in rich dialogue about effective teaching practices to measurably increase learning outcomes.  The company offers an advanced platform to support performance assessment for certification and licensure, teacher coaching and observation, online PLCs for collaborative feedback, and professional development of teachers and administrators.  TeachForward is the technology provider for this initiative.